In Their Own Words:

How JBWS Helps People Impacted by Domestic Abuse

JBWS offers supportive, comprehensive services to people impacted by domestic violence. While we provide services for victims of domestic violence, we also provide services for people who have used abuse in their relationship. Through JBWS' Jersey Center for Non-Violence, we offer programs for men, women, and adolescent males who have used abuse in their relationship to encourage behavior change and accountability.

Survivors Speak:

While many of the photos and names have been changed for privacy, these are the real stories of victims of domestic abuse who have benefitted from JBWS' services. Below you will find stories of survivors who have benefitted from our 24-Hour Helpline, Crisis Response Team, residential services, counseling program, children's services, dating abuse prevention program, and Morris Family Justice Center (MFJC). 

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Bea, Counseling Services

I didn’t know what I was going through before I started therapy. I was hurt in so many ways. I learned to defend myself and to be me. I also learned that some people who you really love are the people who end up hurting you the most.

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As Evy approached the door to JBWS’ Morris Family Justice Center (MFJC), she was filled with fear. Questions were racing through her mind: “Was she doing the right thing?” “Will this place even be able to help her?” “What is the future going to look like now?”  

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Children's Services

Originally from Colombia, Maria immigrated to the United States in “search of the American dream.” Unfortunately, not long after arriving in the country, Maria began experiencing physical, emotional, and verbal abuse in her relationship with her husband.

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Maria, Residential Services

Originally from Colombia, Maria immigrated to the United States in “search of the American dream.” Unfortunately, not long after arriving in the country, Maria began experiencing physical, emotional, and verbal abuse in her relationship with her husband.

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Jaraun, Children's Services

“I am happy.” This simple phrase, uttered by former child resident Jaraun, is so meaningful for a survivor of domestic violence. However, Jaraun is insistent that without JBWS services, he never would have seen his life’s work come to fruition.
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Monica, Helpline

Early one summer morning, Monica called JBWS’ 24-Hour Helpline in tears. She was in an abusive relationship with her husband and didn’t know where to turn. She had taken her children to her parent’s house and decided she was going to leave.
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Elena, MJFC

Elena's husband took her children, flew them all to the United States, and told the children that Elena was dead. After five years of desperately trying to make it to the US, Elena finally arrived and frantically began searching for her children.

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Dating Abuse Prevention

Shopping usually isn’t a transformative experience. However, Maddie Hahn, the Manager of JBWS’ Dating Abuse Prevention Program, had a powerful exchange with two teenagers while perusing the aisles of a clothing store.

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Katie, Safe House

When Katie was just a teenager met the man of her dreams - a charming, outgoing, and extremely likable person. After the pair had their first child, Katie watched as her partner’s natural charisma turned into controlling and aggressive behavior.

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Testimonials of Survivors 

“I called the helpline and spoke to a kind lady. Finally, I could tell someone about the abuse. I continued to call her for a month on my lunch breaks. She helped me get up the nerve to get a restraining order and come to Safe House. When I did, my kids and I ran with as little as possible." 

“Thank you guys so much for everything. When I first walked in there I was nine years old and scared to death! Also, I was angry. Now, at 12 years old I realize it was a new start. JBWS, thanks for all the things you did.”

“I was determined, from the day I walked into JBWS, to do whatever I could to live my life substantially and abuse free. Living in an apartment in the Carol G. Simon Transitional Living Resource Center, I received counseling and legal support to get a divorce and I attended budgeting classes. But, most importantly, JBWS helped me to become a full-time student and earn my nursing degree."

“You were my first counselor and I was very reluctant and scared to talk about the dating abuse. You put me at ease, and showed me that talking is good and healthy. I realize now that if I hadn’t met you when I did, I would be a very different person today. Thank you for working with me through my most difficult time.”  

"JBWS gave me protective shelter, referral to an attorney and an advocate to support me in court, encouragement to carry on my everyday responsibilities of life, and preparation for my future. Since the day I came to JBWS, my life has completely turned around. I can truly say JBWS helped me save my own life." 

"Thanks for making this place so comfortable and warm to walk into. I had no idea what to expect, but I'm so happy now that I'm in here. Thanks for making this place exist for me." 

"I remember walking through the doors of JBWS with my four children, not knowing how we were going to end up. The feeling of acceptance that I received from you was so overwhelming that I knew I had made the right choice." 

"I am strong and I am able because of JBWS"

"Staying at JBWS' transitional apartment allowed me to quit my job and devote my time to continuing school. It was tremendously stressful but thanks to the support of the staff, I did not lose my heart and hope for better days."

"Thanks to the Rapid Rehousing program, my children and I have a place of our own and I have received the financial assistance I needed (along with my scholarship) to complete my coursework and certification to become a Home Health Nurse"

"Think about it like this, when your average person drives home from work, they listen to the news, reflect on goals, plan, pray. My drive home consisted of blocking all of the contacts in my phone book, making a video recording of any traffic, being sure to capture the radio with a time/date indicator so I could justify the length of time from the office to the house. I have learned a lot from my experience while staying at JBWS. You have to develop confidence in your abilities, explore your hidden talents and develop the strength to stand up against all odds." 

Stories From People Who Have Used Abuse:

Designed for those have used harmful, controlling and abusive behaviors in their relationships, JBWS' Jersey Center for Non-Violence offers confidential group counseling services for people to examine their use of these behaviors within intimate relationships and to learn healthy alternatives. JCNV offers three programs: Abuse Ceases Today (A.C.T.) for men, VISTA for women, and CHOICES for adolescent males. 

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Theo, A.C.T.

Theo completed the A.C.T. program twenty years ago. He was going through a divorce with his wife and had been court ordered to attend the program. While he didn’t see the benefit to the program at first, slowly Theo began to reflect on his own behavior.

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Jamal, A.C.T.

Jamal was only a child when he first saw an incident of abuse occur between his parents. Throughout his childhood, Jamal witnessed verbal and physical abuse. Growing up in an abusive household caused Jamal to mimic these behaviors. 

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Carlos, A.C.T.

Carlos was first referred to JBWS’ Abuses Ceases Today (A.C.T.) program several years ago. However, he did not complete the entirety of the 26-week group counseling program designed to encourage behavior change and accountability.