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"Aren't domestic violence shelters just for women?" "Why would you work with people who use abuse?" "My friend doesn't have documentation to be in this country, can they access services?"


These videos are designed to answer any questions you might have about JBWS and the services we offer. However, to see a comprehensive list of all services we offer, click here.


24-Hour Helpline: 

Are you curious about what will happen when you call JBWS' 24-Hour Helpline? This video simulates the experience of a helpline call. If you need help, reach out today at 1.877. 782. 2873.

Morris Family Justice Center: 

What is the JBWS-led Morris Family Justice Center and how can it help survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, dating abuse, and sexual assault? This video explains how.

Jersey Center for Non-Violence 

You may wonder why JBWS works with people who use abuse. This video answers those questions and highlights the importance of abuse intervention.

Dating Abuse Prevention Program: 

Our Dating Abuse Prevention Program, or No2DatingAbuse, educates teenagers about dating abuse and the warning signs of unhealthy relationships.

Housing Services

With an Emergency Safe House, Transitional Living Program, and Rapid Re-Housing Program, JBWS provides numerous different housing services for those impacted by domestic violence.