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JBWS Brochure

Morris Family Justice Center

Morris Family Justice Center

Jersey Center for Non-Violence

2024 TDVAM Toolkit

2023 DVAM Toolkit

Engagement Packet

Community Resources and Shareable Content

Learn more about JBWS, why we changed our name, what terms to avoid when talking about abuse, how to express concern in a compassionate, safe manner, and find shareable content about JBWS' services and how abuse may present in relationships.


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Helpful Information About Domestic Violence


Are you interested in learning more about safety planning, restraining orders, the impact of domestic violence on children, the power and control wheel, and much more? Then see our "Helpful Information About Domestic Violence" page.

How Domestic Violence Intersects With Numerous Populations

Did you know that people with disabilities are 3x more likely to experience violence than someone without a disability? Or that 40% of Black men have experienced intimate partner violence and that 76% of all domestic violence homicide victims had also been stalked in the year before their murder?


If not, visit our "How Domestic Violence Intersects With..." page to learn more about how abuse is perceived in numerous different populations and how that may impact how readily someone experiencing abuse may reach out for assistance.


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2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

Wellness Initiative Supporting Health (W.I.S.H.)


As a domestic violence agency, trauma is a frequent fixture of our work. Our survivors experience trauma from the abuse of their partners while our staff may experience vicarious trauma from empathetically listening to traumatic experiences.  


If you would like to learn more about our Wellness Initiative or are in need of grounding techniques or coping skills, click here. 

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Information for Parents

Yellow Card

CONCERN Document

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Domestic Violence and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Relationships

Understanding Elder Abuse

The Facts on Children and Domestic Violence

Child Maltreatment Facts at a Glance

About Your Legal Rights and Procedures

Your Legal Rights to Be Free from Dating Violence and Harassment

Helpful Websites

Morris County

Deirdre’s House (Child Abuse and Neglect)

Morris Sexual Assault Center

Morris County Prosecutor’s Office

Legal Services of NJ

Morris County Office of Hispanic Affairs


New Jersey

NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking

NJ Coalition to End Domestic Violence

NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault


Preventing Intimate Partner Violence

Polaris (National Human Trafficing)

Family Justice Center Alliance

National Network to End Domestic Violence

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence