JBWS' Holiday Project

 November-December, 2023

What is the Holiday Project?


Each year, JBWS' Holiday Project serves more than 700 clients who are impacted by domestic violence.


The Holiday Project is comprised of three main components: the Thanksgiving Project, Holiday Boutique, and Adopt-A-Family program. 

Thanksgiving Project

JBWS' Thanksgiving Project acknowledges that the holidays might look different for families impacted by domestic violence. In an attempt to restore some sense of normalcy for clients, JBWS distributes everything necessary for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. This includes fresh produce, non-perishable items, pies, and a choice of ham, pork shoulder, turkey, or a vegetarian option to help clients celebrate the holiday with foods representative of their culture. 


Thank you to our numerous community volunteers who made the 2022 Thanksgiving Project a success including: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, for helping us prepare for our Thanksgiving Project distribution, Dartcor Food Services for making Thanksgiving meals for our residential clients, as well as Interfaith Food Pantry, individual donors, and groups who all made this project possible! 


Thanksgiving Project

“Thank you so much for the holiday gifts for me and my children.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated as well as your time and effort in picking the gifts.  You captured each of us so wonderfully. I am so truly grateful.  May you have a happy and healthy holiday season!”


-Client Testimonial 

"As you know I just moved into my apartment and didn’t have much.  The gifts for me and my son were perfect.  I now have things to make my house feel like a home.  Happy Holidays.”


-Client Testimonial 

“No matter how many phrases and words I say to describe feelings of joy, I will not be able to describe what your gift added to us.  The gifts were more than wonderful.  Thank you very much for thinking of us and your continuous support.  Thank you for everything 🙏🏻🌹


-Client Testimonial 

"Dear giver who has opened their heart and pockets to give my kids a Christmas that I wouldn't be able to give them without your generosity. Thank you isn't enough, and I could never repay you for making this such an amazing time for my family. You are the true meaning of Christmas and my family and I are forever grateful. Blessings to you and your family. " 


-Client Testimonial 

“I just wanted to thank you for everything. My littles ones are going to have the best Christmas ever thanks to JBWS and the donors. Can you let the donors know that I’m extremely thankful for all of the amazing gifts they got my little babies and me. God bless JBWS and the donors.  Happy holidays. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”


-Client Testimonial 

“Hola, mil gracias por todo.  Todo estaba bello y mis ninos estan felices.  No le habria podido dar estas navidades sin ustedes."


-Client Testimonial 

Holiday Boutique 

Far too often, people impacted by domestic violence have experienced financial abuse in their relationship. They may have been forbidden to work, harassed at their place of employment, forbidden from advancing their career, or have had their abusive partner controlling their finances. This can make the holidays particularly difficult for families impacted by domestic violence because they may not have the funds necessary to purchase presents.


JBWS’ Holiday Boutique removes some of this financial hardship by enabling clients to get presents entirely free of charge. Upon entering the boutique, each client is encouraged to take numerous gifts for each of their children and themselves. Some of the possible options for presents include: educational games, home decor, sports equipment, clothing, jewelry, stuffed animals, cologne, puzzles, dolls, building blocks, self-care items, electronics, make up, and books for all ages.

Holiday four
christmas 4 2


JBWS’ Adopt-A-Family program allows members of our community to shop for all our client’s needs this holiday season. From cookware items and bedding sets to bicycles and video games, JBWS’ Adopt-A-Family program ensures that our clients have everything they need for a peaceful holiday season.


In the words of a former client, “Christmas morning was full of excitement. The shelter family gathered to open presents. Santa had paid a surprise visit. The sounds of laughter were everywhere as children showed off their new toys and sported new clothes. The holiday spirit shone on my home. There would be peace on this day.”