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The X-Files Fan Retrospective is a new documentary by Lauren Krattiger and Carly Blake that explores the impact The X-Files on the pop culture landscape as well as the lasting impression on its fans. Celebrating the show's 30th anniversary, The X-Files Fan Retrospective offers an inside look into the beloved television series through in-depth interviews with nearly 100 original cast and crew members and with fans from around the globe.
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Fandom Fundraising With the X-Files Fan Retrospective:

Lauren and Carly's dedication to The X-Files has earned them invitations to a special events, a panel at Washington DC Comic Con, and most recently the 30th anniversary X-Files Convention in Minneapolis where they closed out the 3-day event with a screening of their documentary to a theater packed with fellow fans. The pair use their event appearances to support JBWS and were gifted crew t-shirts from director R.W. Goodwin and actor Sheila Larken to support fundraising efforts in Minneapolis. The $1,200 raised at this event reflects the generosity and compassion of The X-Files fandom, underscoring the impact that a dedicated and passionate fan base can have on local initiatives.

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When a survivor of abuse calls our 24-Hour Helpline for the first time because they're concerned their relationship might be unhealthy, your gifts are the reason we are able to answer that call. They are the reason we can be at police stations and hospitals moments after abuse is reported, offering victims critical access to resources. 


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