Backpack Mania

Wyndham Ensures JBWS Children Start The School Year Well

The first day of school is always a mixture of anxiety and excitement for kids. They may worry about where they’ll sit, if they’ll fit in, or how they’ll do in their classes but whether they can afford school supplies or not should never be one of those worries.


Because of Wyndham, 100 JBWS children will start the school year without that additional anxiety. Through their Annual Backpack Mania Event, Wyndham was able to collect 98 backpacks and more than 745 additional school supplies for JBWS!


“Back to school shopping is expensive and the lists just keep growing but not having the tools to succeed in the classroom makes learning a challenge,” says Erin Amaty, Social Responsibility Specialist at Wyndham. “These backpacks and supplies equal the playing field for JBWS children and enables them to have a successful to start to the school year.”


As a hospitality organization, the generosity of Wyndham’s employees is a staple of their “Count on Me” culture. Each team member is encouraged to be responsive and respectful to their community members.


“It’s what we live and breathe,” says Amaty. “Our Count on Me culture is everything to us.”


And JBWS has always been able to count on Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. In fact, Pete Hernandez, Senior Vice President-ESG & Organizational Effectiveness at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, currently serves on JBWS’ board of directors.


“Pete and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts have been a longstanding supporter of JBWS,” says Diane Williams, President and CEO of JBWS. “We are truly grateful for their generosity and the partnership we have been able to foster throughout the years.”