Domestic Violence in the South Asian Community

“When you’re experiencing domestic violence, it can sometimes be hard to find people to support you in your family,’ says Sheetal Shah, a JBWS volunteer since 2019. “Especially in the South Asian community, it can be difficult because you face societal pressure to stay.” 

Having witnessed loved ones experience domestic violence, Sheetal knew that she had to do something to help. This led her to volunteering with JBWS in numerous different capacities including the Crisis Response Team (CRT), picking up donations, helping set up apartments in the Transitional Living Program (TLP), helping with Autumn Auction for Hope, and simply raising awareness about domestic violence.  

“A lot of times I’ll be talking to my friends, and they don’t realize certain behaviors are red flags,” explains Sheetal. “It’s important to me that we don’t remain quiet about this, particularly in my community. If you see red flags, ask questions, and talk about it.” 

Education about domestic violence is everything for Sheetal.  

“We have to make sure people are aware how prevalent domestic violence is in every single community,” says Sheetal. “It happens to the wealthy, to those with low income, and every single demographic.”  

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please contact our 24-Hour Helpline at 1.877.R.U.ABUSED or 1.877.782.2873, or visit