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Grounding Techniques and Coping Skills: 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or in need of soothing, you will find information on grounding techniques below. 

50 Ways to Take a Break! 

From taking a nap and listening to a guided meditation to finding a relaxing scent or calling a friend, there are many small ways to take a break if you need one. This PDF offers 50 suggestions for how you can take a break when you're in need.

Feelings Wheel

Starting from bad, fearful, angry, disgusted, sad, happy, and surprised, this feelings wheel covers a wide variety of feelings you may be experiencing.

Find it here. 

99 Coping Skills 

If you need to use a coping skill but don't know where to start, consulting this list of 99 coping skills is a great place to start.


Find it here!

Learning to be GLAD

This coping skill activity allows you to reflect on something you're grateful for, something you learned, something you accomplished, and something that brought you delight! Find it here

Coping Skills Flyer

Coping skills help us get through difficult times. They can give us an important break from mental and emotional distress.

Find the Coping Skills Flyer here. 

Opposite Action 

Opposite action can be an incredibly useful tool to have in your emotion regulation toolkit. The idea is not to invalidate the reality of that emotional experience, but merely transform it into one more likely to bring about a desirable outcome. Find practical examples here.