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Victim Services

Does your relationship feel off balance?

It doesn't have to be this way.

If there is risk of physical danger, we urge you to seek help as soon as possible. A helpline counselor can talk with you confidentially and help you to make a safe plan. For information about calling the police or going to a safe house, you can learn more at Are You Safe?

Perhaps you don't consider your situation an emergency, but are looking for help. JBWS offers specialized services with counselors who understand the complex issues of abuse and are sensitive to its effects on individuals.

You may have already confided in someone about the abuse and didn't get support. Friends and family members may consider domestic violence a "private matter" and not want to get involved. Or, they are afraid of retaliation. Others mistakenly blame the victim and fail to hold the batterer accountable. JBWS staff understands that these responses — or lack of - may only add to a victim's feelings of confusion, guilt, fear and loneliness.

Talking with a professionally trained counselor can help to sort out the problems caused by emotional and physical abuse. The counselor will not tell you that you have to end the relationship. Instead, they are there to support you and help to keep you safe.

At JBWS, a person does not need to stay in the safe house or transitional living facility to receive supportive services. Participants may be living or involved with their abusive partner, or may use the services to address past, rather than present, abusive relationships. The JBWS Community Counseling Services (CCS) can provide information about abuse, individual crisis counseling, advocacy, and support groups.

Several different types of support groups are offered at various times throughout the week. The group provides the opportunity to learn from others who have experienced put downs and broken promises, wondered if they were losing their minds, and hoped the abuse would never happen again.

Group discussions can include exploring power and control, abuse and anger; safety planning; child visitation and custody; and legal options. Childcare is available for many of the groups, most of which run for 12 weeks. To learn which group might be good for you or to schedule an appointment with a counselor in the CCS program, call the helpline.

Transitional Living
For some victims, the two-month stay in the Safe House is not long enough to overcome the obstacles to living independently and becoming self-sufficient. These women needed extended housing and support services. For this reason, JBWS opened Simon House, a transitional living and resource center, in 1999.

The center includes 11 fully furnished apartments that range in size from one to three bedrooms, with a full bathroom and kitchen. A social room, coin-operated laundry, library, counseling office, group training room, children's indoor and outdoor play areas, and computer center complete the facility. However, the program goes beyond housing and safety.

Counselors provide individual counseling and help with parent education, life skills improvement, financial education, vocational development, community networking, and job and housing searches. Children participate in counseling and activities while living in the Simon House, too. A woman and her children may stay for one year.

Safety Alert
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