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Service Project Ideas

Design and distribute fliers about domestic violence, dating abuse, and resource organizations and arrange to have them displayed in your community's doctors' offices and your school nurse's or guidance counselor's office.

Ask your school principal for permission to make morning announcements each day for one week. Students can work together to write and read the announcements. Announcements might include warning signs of abuse, characteristics of a healthy relationship, and how to get help.

Use the media and current events as an opportunity to talk with your group or class about healthy and respectful relationships.

Make posters about stopping dating abuse and domestic violence. Use photography, computer graphics and artwork to make the posters unique. Post finished artwork around the school. (This activity could be part of a larger public service campaign by combining a few of the project ideas from this list.)

Write to your local, state and federal representatives about domestic violence. Include facts, statistics, and recommendations for change. Involve family and friends to support your recommendations.

Research your school's policies about dating abuse. If you think the policy needs to be amended, make suggestions.

Design a "dating bill of rights and warning signs" bookmark. Distribute bookmark during lunch periods, at a school assembly or during homeroom.

Write an article for your local or school paper or create a radio or TV story about dating abuse and domestic violence. Appeal to local media outlets to publish or broadcast your piece. Use statistics and information from this site, or work with a person from your local domestic violence program to provide additional information.

Create a skit about dating abuse. The skit can involve fictitious scenarios, highlight historical changes brought about by the domestic violence movement or how friends can help a friend who is being abused or is being abusive.

Sponsor a theatrical performance about dating abuse. Contact us for information about educational theater and possible fundraisers.

Create Public Service Announcements for your school (either radio style or TV broadcast) about dating abuse, such as stats, warning signs, where to get help and how to help a friend.

Organize an event for parents and/or your community about healthy relationships and what they should know about teen dating abuse.

Sponsor a door decorating contest or art contest about healthy relationships/ dating abuse/ domestic violence and have the winning entry made into a poster to distribute in your community.

Create displays in school, churches and community centers about dating abuse, domestic violence and where to get help. Talk with your local domestic abuse agency for help with ideas and local resources.

Organize a fundraiser or donation drive with the proceeds going to a local domestic violence program. Fundraisers might be canned food drives, coat and clothing drives, holiday gift drives, bake sales, and/or car washes. Brainstorm ideas for what would work best in your area.

Write a pledge stating that abuse does not belong in relationships. Set up a table in your school or community to display the written pledge for everyone to read and sign.

Use your imagination. Start a new way to create change!

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