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Police Protection

Primary consideration should be given to your physical safety and well-being. If the abuse is escalating and/or becoming physical (pushing, hitting, kicking, hair pulling, throwing things at you, etc.), we encourage you to call the police or 911. Tell the police where you are, that you are in danger, and need emergency help. Also, let them know if there is a weapon (gun, knife, baseball bat, etc.) involved.

The police are trained to handle domestic violence situations and can provide you with valuable assistance. In the immediate situation, they can intervene to stop the violence and assist with providing safety. They can administer first aid and give you information about your legal rights, counseling, housing, and medical treatment. They can provide transportation for you to the hospital, if needed, to the home of a friend or relative, or to a shelter for abused women. If the police have probable cause (witnesses, visible weapons, injuries) to believe that an assault has occurred, they can make an arrest of the abuser. If children were present or involved in the incident, the police can offer referrals to assist them. In addition, the police can offer the immediate assistance of a member of the local Crisis Response Team.

The police are required to give you information about your rights and to write a report. Give the officers all the details for the report and then read it carefully and correct any mistakes. The police may also assist you in obtaining a temporary protection order or civil restraining order.

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